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Rock groups -- New Zealand

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: none

Found in 132 Collections and/or Records:

Thrill to the sound of...Dead Famous People & Cassandra's Ears, Gluepot Sat 22nd., 1987c

 Item — Poster 260: Series NZSAS03
Identifier: NZSA90260
Scope and Contents note

Poster advertising a concert by New Zealand rock bands Dead Famous People and Cassandra's Ears. Includes a photograph two women, one of whom is playing an organ.

Dates: 1987c

Transmission: Flesh-D-Vice, out now on Hardedge Records., 1985

 Item — Poster 278: Series NZSAS03
Identifier: NZSA90278
Scope and Contents note

Poster advertising the album 'Transmission' by New Zealand rock band Flesh-D-Vice.

Dates: 1985

Underage Rage!! At the Golden Nugget, Friday 7 Sep., [1984]-09-07

 Item — Poster 309: Series NZSAS03
Identifier: NZSA90309
Scope and Contents note

Poster advertising an underage party featuring the New Zealand rock bands Alpaca Brothers, Gamaunche and Crystal Zoom. Includes drawings of various cartoon characters, a hand and an abstract face. Also includes the texts: '-ex Hatchcover, No alcohol. Door Sales tickets at Governors + 2nd hand record shop. 9pm-late. N.B. 'Golden Nugget' at Octagon end of Great King St, see ya there partner. $3'.

Dates: [1984]-09-07

Undercover Music presents The Return of The Narcs 1,2,3.

 Item — Poster 271: Series NZSAS03
Identifier: NZSA90271
Scope and Contents note

Poster advertising New Zealand rock band The Narcs. Includes a photograph of the band.

Dates: 1977 - 1992

Verlaines: 12" Single Doomsday., 1986?

 Item — Poster 389: Series NZSAS03
Identifier: NZSA90389
Scope and Contents note

Poster advertising the 12" single Doomsday by New Zealand rock group The Verlaines. Includes a reproduction of the album cover, which features three cowboys on horses in the desert, one of whom is carrying a guitar and the also the words 'New Kinda Hero'. Also includes the text: 'Out now on Flying Nun'.

Dates: 1986?

Verlaines: Fri September 4th - Landsdown Hotel with Even As We Speak and Vicious Kites, Sat 5th - Piccadilly Hotel with Cherry Clox., [19??]-09-04/[19??]-09-05

 Item — Poster 316: Series NZSAS03
Identifier: NZSA90316
Scope and Contents note

Poster advertising two concerts by Dunedin rock band the Verlaines. Includes a red and white photograph of a doll and a house in a forest. Also includes the text: 'Presented by Radio Skid Row 88.9 FM'.

Dates: [19??]-09-04/[19??]-09-05

Victoria University of Wellington Students Assn. Orientation '82 Presents: Beggars' Banquet., 1982-02-28/1982-03-12

 Item — Poster 82: Series NZSAS03
Identifier: NZSA90082
Scope and Contents note Poster advertising 1982 Victoria University of Wellington Orientation Festival. Includes a drawing of a large cooked pig laid out on a table, with three people sitting at the table drinking the blood of the pig. Also includes the texts: 'The Neighbours, River, Herbs, Women's Concert, Gambling, Theatre, Live at Boyd Wilson, Late Night Bar, Sports, Topp Twins, 60's Disco, All Star Pro Wrestling, Daggy & the Dickheads, Films, Blam Blam Blam, Poets. $10 card gets you into everything February...
Dates: 1982-02-28/1982-03-12

Video Night Orientation, 1982-03-01

 Item — Poster 88: Series NZSAS03
Identifier: NZSA90088
Scope and Contents note

Poster advertising an Orientation event at Canterbury University. Includes an image of the computer game 'Space Invaders'. Also includes the texts: 'A.B.C.G.O.R.D.O.N.S.A.B.C.G.O.R.D.O.N.S. Plus! Giant video screen! Video games! Video clips! Ballroom 8 p.m. Mon Mar 1. 1 student I.D. required per couple plus 1 Orientation ticket per person. A4 Art'.

Dates: 1982-03-01

Wastrels., 1982c

 Item — Poster 343: Series NZSAS03
Identifier: NZSA90343
Scope and Contents note

Poster advertising New zealand rock band The Wastrels. Includes a black & white photograph of five men and two women sitting at a table covered with liquor bottles, playing cards and documents. Also includes the text: 'South Island Agency Ph. 64757 P.O. Box 1132 Christchurch'.

Dates: 1982c

Winter Solstice, Saturday 8pm, June 6th., [1981]-06-06

 Item — Poster 211: Series NZSAS03
Identifier: NZSA90211
Scope and Contents note

Poster advertising a Christchurch concert / party featuring New Zealand rock band Newtones. Includes a black & blue photograph of a group of people in a conga line in the snow, and two people sitting at a picnic table. Also includes an image of a glass and a bottle bearing an image of a clown and the words 'Arts Circus'. Also includes the texts: 'Time of your life...on the rocks! Newtones & Radio U alternative disco. Teachers Trainees café. R.O.A.R. $2.50'.

Dates: [1981]-06-06

Women's Dance...with...Dead Famous People and...Emma Peel, Fri 3rd July 8pm Coffee Lounge., [1987]-07-03

 Item — Poster 259: Series NZSAS03
Identifier: NZSA90259
Scope and Contents note

Poster advertising a women's dance featuring New Zealand musicians Dead Famous People and Emma Peel. Includes a drawing of a desert with a cut-out green & white photograph of two women with guns and large hats superimposed on the drawing.

Dates: [1987]-07-03

You're a movie., 1984c

 Item — Poster 293: Series NZSAS03
Identifier: NZSA90293
Scope and Contents note

Poster advertising New Zealand rock band You're a Movie. White text on a black background.

Dates: 1984c