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Motion pictures -- New Zealand

Subject Source: Library of Congress Subject Headings
Scope Note: none

Found in 12 Collections and/or Records:

Account Books/Film Registers

Scope and Contents Three volumes of McCurdy film registers. The first has a marbled cover pattern, is titled 'Pictures, Films Hire Charges and Gross Receipts' and is from 1929-1933. Inside is a handwritten reference by Angus McCurdy for a worker named Charles Richardson. The second has a dark green hard cover of which is marked "R and Ex, 1/4/1919 to 31/10/1925". LC transcribed that front cover wording and date range on the inside cover on January 8 1967. The third has a red hard cover that reads "2 June, 1928...
Dates: Collection covers ca 1960-2010

Film Research Project

Identifier: clels4
Summary of contents A collection of handwritten notes, correspondence, newspaper clippings, printed digitised papers, printed articles, typed manuscript, appendices of feature films of the first half of the 20th century, a ‘Film and History’ Conference guide and a copy of The Film Archive’s ‘Newsreel’ publication. The two central themes are women in entertainment and New Zealand cinema (film and audience). Included is a proposal by LC for a paper titled ‘Seeing is Believing: Cinema and Film in New Zealand’....
Dates: Collection covers ca 1960-2010

Mac's Movies

Identifier: 2010-008-003
Scope and Contents A collection of handwritten notes, correspondence, movie advertisements and newspaper clippings. The correspondence is from Geoffrey Nye of New Zealand Picture Supplies Ltd. and is addressed to Angus McCurdy regarding payments and acquiring film programmes. Also included is a film programme for 'Mac's Movies' for the week following Saturday January 6, 1923. The newspaper clippings are also regarding 'Mac's Movies' and their screenings. The date range of the collection is c. 1913 - 1931, not...
Dates: Collection covers ca 1960-2010


Scope and Contents

Contains the article of Les Cleveland, 'What They Liked: Movies and Modernity Downunder', Journal of Popular Culture, Vol. 36, No. 4, Spring 2003, pp 756-779. Also includes a photocopy of the Tom Glover caricature of Angus McCurdy and the address of Paramount Pictures - Feature Films Limited (Paramount Service of New Zealand Limited), both undated.

Dates: Collection covers ca 1960-2010

McCurdy Biog.

Identifier: 2010-008-04
Scope and Contents Contains a series of newspaper clippings, two issues of 'The South Wairarapa Sentinel', one issue of 'Leader', some handwritten biographical material on both Angus McCurdy and Mary Anne McCurdy, the latter of which is also accompanied by a portrait negative. the newspaper articles provide biographical detail of Mr. and Mrs. McCurdy, the later newspaper articles detail what remained of McCurdy's presence in Upper Hutt, such as his property or his legacy as mayor. Also included is an article...
Dates: Collection covers ca 1960-2010


 Item — Poster 466: Series NZSAS03
Identifier: NZSA90466
Scope and Contents note

Poster bearing the word 'Movies' and a number of black and white drawing of various movie characters, including: Marilyn Monroe and Superman. Also includes drawing of a rat, a city and two men fighting.

Dates: 1977 - 1992

New Zealand Films at: Once...Upon A...Screen...The Invisible Cinema., 1985c

 Item — Poster 154: Series NZSAS03
Identifier: NZSA90154
Scope and Contents note

Poster advertising The Invisible Cinema. Includes a three-panelled image of curtains and a chair. Also includes the name 'Marcel' written beneath the drawing of a chair. Also includes the text: 'Thanks to: Q.E.II Arts Council, N.Z. Students Arts Council, N.Z. Railways and Alternative Cinema.'

Dates: 1985c

N.Z. Film

Identifier: clels4
Summary of contents

A collection of newspaper clippings, advertisements, printed articles and typed script. Details the history of New Zealand film, the government funding for the industry and New Zealand’s cinema-going culture. New Zealand productions discussed include ‘My Lady of the Cave’ (1922), ‘Broken Barrier’ (1952), ‘Once Were Warriors’ (1994), ‘Once Were Warriors 2’ (1999), ‘Greenstone’ (1999) and ‘Scarfies’ (1999). The publication date range is c. 1922-2007.

Dates: Collection covers ca 1960-2010

Utu., 1983c

 Item — Poster 537: Series NZSAS03
Identifier: NZSA90537
Scope and Contents note Poster advertising the New Zealand film Utu. Includes a photograph of Maori man with full facial tattoo, or Ta Moko. Also includes the texts: 'Starring Anzac Wallace, Bruno Lawrence, Wi Kuki Kaa, Tim Elliot, Ilona Rodgers, Tania Bristowe, Kelly Johnson. Written by Geoff Murphy & Keith Aberdein. Music by John Charles. Performed by New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. Producers: Geoff Murphy & Don Blakeney. Directed by Geoff Murphy. Utu Productions in association the New Zealand Film...
Dates: 1983c

Vigil: a film by Vincent Ward., 1984c

 Item — Poster 490: Series NZSAS03
Identifier: NZSA90490
Scope and Contents note

Poster advertising the New Zealand film Vigil. Includes a black & white still image from the film of a girl holding a long branch. Also includes the texts: 'A John Maynard Production in association with The Film Corporation of New Zealand and The New Zealand Film Commission. In competition'.

Dates: 1984c

Vincent Ward's A State of Siege., 1978-08-10/1978-08-16

 Item — Poster 572: Series NZSAS03
Identifier: NZSA90572
Scope and Contents note

Poster advertising a series of screening of the Vincent Ward film: A State of Siege. Includes a black & white photograph of Anne Flannery. Also includes the texts: 'Starring Anne Flannery. Produced by Timothy White, Photography by Alun Bollinger, Gold medal winner at 1978 Miami Film Festival, Winner of Golden Hugo at Chicago. Paramount - August 10-16'.

Dates: 1978-08-10/1978-08-16

You don't HAVE to be crazy to enter the race...Race for the Yankee Zephyr., 1981c

 Item — Poster 473: Series NZSAS03
Identifier: NZSA90473
Scope and Contents note Poster advertising the New Zealand / Australian motion picture Race For The Yankee Zephyr. Includes a watercolour drawing of various scenes from the film, including: helicopters, a jet-boat, guns, trucks, explosions and fighting. Also includes the texts: 'GY Contains Coarse Language. Endeavour Productions, F.G.H. Film Consortium and Fay Richwhite present a First City Film. Ken Wahl, Lesley Ann Warren, Donald Pleasence, Bruno Lawrence and George Peppard as Brown in Race For The Yankee Zephyr....
Dates: 1981c