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Apartheid -- South Africa

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Athol Fugard's Boesman & Lena., 1974c

 Item — Poster 526: Series NZSAS03
Identifier: NZSA90526
Scope and Contents note

Poster avdertising the film Boesman & Lena by Athol Fugard. Includes a brown & white photograph of a man and a woman walking in a desert. Also includes the texts: 'Athol Fugard, Yvonne Bryceland in A savage indictment of apartheid. Directed by Ross Devenish. A Contemporary Films release'.

Dates: 1974c

Campaign against Apartheid Sport, 1979-1987

Identifier: popjss01/02/02
Scope and Contents From the Series:

Jeremy Pope had a secretariat role with the Commonwealth Observers of elections in Zimbabwe and Uganda (1980), Namibia (1990), Bangladesh (1991), and Ghana (1992). He accompanied the Commonwealth Eminent Persons Group to Southern Africa in 1986.

The records include reports, ephemera gathered while in situ, letters to his wife describing events.

This series of records has been arranged by event.

Dates: 1979-1987

Support economic sanctions against South Africa, n.d. [1980s?]

Identifier: ocot012
Scope and Contents

Poster advising 'Support Economic Sanctions Against South Africa'. In the centre is a colour painting of a black man's head and neck, with torn white tape over his mouth and sticking plaster on a forehead wound. The painting is initialled 'G A L'. Black text at the bottom of the poster read 'Sanctions won't hurt black workers more than apartheid' and 'International Confederation of Free Trade Unions'. White background.

Dates: n.d. [1980s?]

'Support Swapo', [1982]

Identifier: dlpc00238
Scope and Contents

Laminated colour poster encouraging readers to 'SUPPORT SWAPO'. Includes an image of three women's faces in silhouette printed in greens, red and brown. Also includes a 1981 quote from the Assistant Secretary for Finance, SWAPO Women's Council, discussing the opression of women under apartheid and the need for them to 'co-operate together and fight with SWAPO'.

© Wellington Media Collective/Chris McBride.

Dates: [1982]

'This Is Apartheid Don't Buy It', n.d. [1990s?]

Identifier: dlpc00223
Scope and Contents Laminated colour poster encouraging readers to boycott South African goods produced under apartheid. Includes a drawing of an apple, orange and tin can with bullet holes in them that are leaking blood, plus the text: 'This Is Apartheid Don't Buy It, Boycott South African Goods'. Published by the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU).Sticker on rear of poster states 'This poster is the property of the: Trade Union Education Authority, PO Box 6645 Te Aro,...
Dates: n.d. [1990s?]