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Images from Gilbert Smith, VUWAE 6, 1962-1963

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Captions for slides: Gilbert Smith – Slide numbers and captions for donated slides (4 boxes)

VUWAE 6 (1962 /63) Ian Willis, Charles Rich, Tom Haskell, Jim Kennett, Gilbert Smith, Warwick Prebble Taylor Valley, Brown Hills and Darwin Mountains

Slide number Slide Caption Box 1 – front to back 10 Tom Haskell 13 Ian Willis 12 Jim Kennett 23 Looking up valley, steep sides of Taylor glacier 4 Vibrator at Marble Pt 1 Skua eggs 20 unnamed 21 Scott Base from the Pressure Ridges looking NW 19 Looking for a possible rout over to Darwin Mts 3 United States Navy plane 1 unnamed 6 unnamed 35 camp 25 Icicles N side Taylor Glacier 30 Unloading at Darwin Mts 28 Packing gear for shipment back to New Zealand 11 Chopper above Lake Fryxell 17 Skuas 28? Plane 17 unnamed 11 Coming up to airstrip with gear, Bastion in distance 8 Looking West up Taylor Valley from 3000 ft South side 26 Marble Pt 29 Wilson Piedmont Glacier, Marble Pt on left, Gneiss Pt on right 23 Marble Pt swimming, Erebus in Background 17 Off for his daily constitutional 35 Gilbert Smith 30 Polygon crack recorder 34 No side of Taylor Glacier showing stream 17 Midnight, snow flowing off peaks, SW of Taylor Valley base camp 28 Taylor Valley and Marble Pt 17 Where we came off the glacier on the N side 37 Waterfall, N side Taylor Glacier 16 13 37 Abandoned US Navy plane 1 Glacial moraine, Brown Hills 27 Glacier, S of Lake Bonney Hut 5/14 Refuelling the Otter before reconnaissance flight 16 ? with gear on foot 3 Tying on the load 11 Plane – damaged slide 1 Plane 27 unnamed 3 unnamed 2 Damaged slide 13 4 day old seal pup 26 Frozen waterfall 2 From the Col on Colosseum Ridge looking N 28 Looking down the Taylor Valley from W of the Matterhorn Glacier 30 Looking down Taylor Valley to Mt Erebus 26 Looking E from W of the Rhone 11 Lake Bonney Hut 10 Canada Glacier and Lake Fryxell 31 Bucknell Ridge and Darwin Glacier from W of camp 18 Making things shipshape on the ice 38 Unpacking or loading plane 2 Hauling supplies back up from Base Camp 28 Protalus Rampart? From 6600ft, Brown Hills in distance 25/12/1962 13 ENE from Bastion Hill S glacier, Darwin Glacier 12 Dr Bull 2 McMurdo church 35 Walking back to Scott base, abandoned plane centre, NZ Otter in background 35 Crashed Otter, Marble Pt 32 The Darwin ? after slight exercise 14 Seal with pup 7 Salt growths along fractures in granite boulder 4 Red algae and salt, Lower Taylor Valley 28 Moss and algae, Marble Pt 32 Brown Island moraine 21 Rainbow Lake 36 Recent moraine alongside the Darwin, Gawn Piedmont in distance Box 2 4 Warwick Prebble on the ice below South Glacier 25 Gran River Valley from Rampart Ridge 11 Starting descent of Glacier, consulting aerial photos 36 Navy plane with R4D heater motor in middle dist. 11 Looking N from Bastion Hill 6 Charles Rich walking along crevasse filling. Diamond Hill, Brig Lake and Bucknell Ridge in distance 19 Salt encrustation S4 Diamond Hill 14 Frank Groveson? and Dave Richards 2 ? Heliport Airstrip 5 miles away, 3 crew, 3000lbs cargo and 7 passengers 12 NNE from Bastion Hill 14 ESE from Bastion Hill, Diamond Hill, Gawn Ice Piedmont 11 Darwin Mts looking SE from Colosseum Ridge 21 2nd Colosseum Dolemite Dyke 34 On the Polar Plateau 22 Depleted VUWAE6 members 7 Seal at Lake Bonny 24 Salt layers around Lake, MW Taylor Glacier 20 3rd Colosseum 13 Refreshment stop 37 Looking W from Rampart Ridge to our campsite and Bastion Hill 23 Beacon on Bastion Hill 33 Takeoff 12 Penguins 37 unnamed 6 Icicles in the pressure ridges 35 From Rampart Ridge looking W to campsite and Bastion Hill. Darwin Glacier on left. 21 Marble surrounded by ? and granite N side Taylor valley A Salt encrustations on basalt. S side Taylor Valley 33 Jim Eades wedding, Marble Pt 34 In memory of Jim Eades who got married 10 Taking diesel from E Hut 20 Marble Pt rubbish dump 13 Setting detonations…bang! 12 Shifting diesel generator Box 3 24 Rocket coming down 23 Rocket trails 21 Rocket 20 Rocket 19 Rocket landing 27 Rocket 13 Colosseum Ridge moraines, Longhurst and Tentacle Ridges 9 Metaseds? N side Taylor Valley 5 Engine exhaust of the ? constellation 16 Climbing up the side of the Taylor Glacier 16 Mess room Scott Base 25 Otter P2V 31 Science Hut Scott base, weather recorders 6 Atomic Reactor 16 Looking S from Colosseum Ridge. Mt Elice 8100ft on left. Smith Valley on right 24 Sorting out supplies in front of Scott base. Americans paying a social call. 17 Midnight sun, Scott base B Flow lines in a glacier, NW Taylor Valley 15 Jim Kennett with skua chick 2 People, unnamed 7 Kukri Hills where Ian and Jim hiked up 3 A warm day. Stream and liquid lake. Morraine forming. Darwin Tongue near base camp. 5 WNW up Taylor Valley from SW of Lake Bonney 18 Fe2O3 stain from volcanoes, Taylor Valley 10 Stream delta N side Lake Bonney 25 Re-entrant deltas NW of Taylor Glacier 22 Protalus Rampart, head of Muchmore Valley and 2000ft cliff, Darwin Mts 32 Heliport. Note anchor ropes C Bluff head of Much more Ice Tongue, Darwin Mts 16 ‘Leave us alone!’ Seals 4 2am looking N to Mt Discovery 200 miles away. Kames? and kettles in recent moraine. 6 Rhone Glacier. M? on left 7 Moahauling down to Diamond Hill 36 McMurdo Base 31 Cranfield Icefalls 80 degrees S. S of Darwin Glacier 23 Mulock Glacier 16 Frost polygons in black, Brown island. Royal Society Range in distance 26 Chopper at airfield 24 Fitting gatos? Cairn left for posterity 14 Snow barchans 32 Taylor Bay looking N past Hjorth Hill 3 Snow flowing off the plateau into a cirque 3 Looking up the Hatherton Glacier, Darwin Mts on right. Crevasses in blue ice 24 Brown Hills, Diamond Hill centre, Darwin Glacier on left 19 Mt Erebus, pressure ridges in foreground 8 Pressure ridges 11 Shifting diesel 31 US navy plane breaking out of the snow 27 Scott’s Hut with McMurdo in background 30 USARP Headquarters 4 S of bastion Hill. Crevasse in foreground. Looking a suitable site 16 Slope down from Darwin Glacier, moraine in foreground 7 Sledge Dogs, pressure ridge in distance 27 Sidling back down the scree 34 Loading the sledge, Darwin Mtns 9 Mt Erebus from air. Scott base left centre. Showing ice break out of 1958 and pressure ridges 27 Chopper landing Marble Pt 17 Photographers and seals 7 Skua 39 Seal with pup 34 Planes – Super constellation in background 35 Map of Darwin Glacier area 18 Scott Base from the Pressure Ridges 20 Into the water 9 Taylor Bay, seals, ice, Mt Erebus 36 Waterfall, N side Taylor Glacier 14 Team playing chicken with the cold 26 Loading the R&D for Darwin Mtns 26 Scott’s Hut at Hut Pt, Gilbert Smith 21 Skelton Glacier. Route of the T.A.E. 1957-58 5 Warwick Prebble Ian Willis below South Glacier on the frozen lakes 23 Penguins 12 Team leaders, Cranfield Icefalls obscured by cloud 27 Lunch on Rampart Ridge looking towards Touchdown Glacier Box 4 2 Wend of Cranfield icefalls 3 Cranfield icefalls from E of Brig lake 7 Recent icefall on N Glacier 4 Tentacle Ridge 27 Xmas peak from just below boulder ? 18 Brown Hills from Colosseum Ridge, moraine 19 Snow Pinnacle and 2nd fossil location on Colosseum Ridge 4 End of South ice Tongue from the Col. WNW 24 Palisade Hill and the Col from end of Smith Glacier showing route up. Col 5600, valley 3700 25 Coming down 1 Roadend Nunatak from air. Darwin Mtns in dist. Hatherton Glacier on left, Darwin Glacier on right 38 Looking NW from air between bastion Hill and Bowling Green Plateau 17 Where we came off the glacier to set up base camp 25 Darwin Glacier area. Diamond Hill in foreground looking up to the Plateau 30 Gawn Piedmont S of Darwin Glacier 25 Death valley, Diamond Hill. Gawn Piedmont in mist across Darwin. Salt deposits in centre 29 Nearing the summit 29 Glaciated notch to Death Valley from the Darwin 32 Jato Take off 24 Roadend Nunatak 14 Boulder rolling 25 Slots near Roadend Nunatak 6 Palisade Hill behind Darwin Mt camp 8 From Colosseum Ridge looking E past Bastion Hill 27 Last view of the valley behind base camp 29 Looking W from N of Brig lake 1 Jan 1963 31 Mt Discovery 24 Looking up the South Glacier from Rampart Ridge 28 Looking W from above Brig lake 1 Jan 1963 31 ? 21 South Glacier from Rampart Ridge 6 Chopper at Lake Bonney camp 9 Avalanche 22 Chopper above the Kukri Hills 38 Seals. White island in distance 5 Penguins 30 McMurdo and dump 27 unnamed 30 Terra Nova Bay 28 Salt deposits Death Valley / Diamond Hill area 27 Salt deposits Death Valley / Diamond Hill area 12 Chopper landing Fryxell Camp 33 Clouds and sea on the way home 34 Taylor Valley lake reflections 23 Loading the gear into plane 19 F.M.C. group 17 Cricket, Darwin Glacier style 35 Marking the snow level for ablation checks, South Glacier 14 Waking view from my sleeping bag 13 Our camp on Touchdown Glacier 19 Whiteout on the glacier 26 Airstrip showing Jato marks 6 Damaged slide


  • 1962-1963

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