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Images from Barry Kohn, VUWAE 13 and 15


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VUWAE 13 1968-69 (Barry Kohn)

Ant4011 Newspaper article – fossil fish Ant7015 Evening Post newspaper article April 1969 – fossil fish Ant8017 Newspaper picture – fossil fish Ant10020 Souvenir booklet bought at Scott Base 1968/69 Ant11021 Envelope with Ross dependency stamps Dec 1968 Ant12022 Envelope with Ross dependency stamps Dec 1968

F1000002 Permo-Carboniefrous tillite, Mt, Metschel, Skelton Neve F1000003 Christmas 1968 – Skelton Neve Left to right – Peter Webb, Barry Kohn, Alessio Ollier (Italian Alpine Club), Mike Gorton, Carlo Mauri (Italian Alpine Club), Barrie McKelvey F1000005 Being dropped in field – Dry Valleys F1000010 Loading C-130 on Skelton Neve at end of field season F1000013 Super Connie Pegasus – just landed on Williams airfield – Ross Ice Shelf F1000016 Fossil Crossopterygian (fish ancestral to amphibians and other land vertebrates) fish jaw bone – Warren Range, Skelton Neve F1000017 Unloading cargo on Skelton Neve F1000018 Toboggan repairs – Skelton Neve F1000019 Toboggan repairs – Skelton Neve F1000020 Manhauling – Skelton Neve F1000022 Trial run with toboggans on sea ice around Ross Island F1000024 Airedevronsix Ice Falls spilling onto Wright Upper Glacier at head of Wright Valley (dry valleys) F1000025 Putting in food dump – dry valleys F1000026 Letting off flare to signal aircraft – Skelton Neve F1000027 McKelvey and Kohn rest on dolerite peak – Dry Valleys area F1000031 Camp on Skelton Neve F1010001 VUWAE-13 field party – from left to right, Alessio Ollier, Carlo Mauri, Barry Kohn, Mike Gorton, Peter Webb, Barrie McKelvey F1010003 Dolerite sills, Escalade Peak, Skelton Neve F1010004 Kohn with huskies, Ross Island F1010006 View down Wright Valley across Wright Upper Glacier F1010007 South fork, Wright Valley, view down to Don Juan Pond (saline) and beyond F1010008 Sastrugi and high ground winds on Skelton Neve F1010010 Upper Taylor Valley area F1010014 Sledging on Skelton Neve F1010015 Back from a day on the ice – left to right – Peter Webb, Barry Kohn and Mike Gorton, Boomerang Range area, Skelton Neve F1010016 Vanda Station, Wright Valley F1010017 The Labyrinth, Wright Valley F1010020 Timeout in the Boomerang Range area, Skelton Neve F1010021 Pickup on Skelton Neve F1010022 Exercise while waiting a few days for an aircraft pick up F1010027 Time-out on the Aztec siltstone – Skelton Neve area. From left to right: Peter Webb, Barry Kohn, Barrie McKelvey, Mike Gorton, Carlo Mauri and Alessio Ollier F1010029 Baryr Kohn and Carlo Mauri take a break on the Skelton Neve – mid background is Mt. Metschel F1010030 Camp on Skelton Neve F1010032 Hiking in the Boomerang Range – mid background note camp on ice – Skelton Glacier F1010033 Vanda Station, Wright Valley F1010035 View down Wright Valley F1010036 Glacial striae associated with Permo-Carboniferous tillite – Skelton Neve F1010037 Time-out on the Skelton Neve F1010038 Barry Kohn measuring a stratigraphic section with Jacob’s staff F1020001 Barry Kohn iced up - with Wright Valley to left F1020003 Camp in dry valleys F1020004 Setting-up camp on ice of Skelton Glacier – Boomerang Range F1020006 Barrie McKelvey contemplates while packing up campsite, Skelton Neve F1020007 ‘Sunrise’ over Warren Range F1020008 Sastrugi on Skelton Neve F1020009 Aztec Siltstone at type section F1020010 Dry run with toboggans on sea ice near Scott Base F1020011 Dolerite columns at Warren Range F1020015 Pick-up dry valleys area F1020016 Camp on Skelton Neve F1020017 Sledging on Skelton Neve F1020018 View across Ferrar Glacier towards Taylor Valley F1020019 Dry valleys F1020022 View across Ferrar Glacier F1020023 Barry Kohn at Scott Base F1020024 Barry Kohn at Vanda Station F1020025 Sledging on Skelton Neve F1020028 View into Wright Valley eastern margin of Lake Vanda on left F1020029 First arrival on ice by Super Connie at Williams Field F1020031 Trace fossil Scolithus burrows – Beacon Sst – dry valleys F1020032 Barry Kohn at Vanda Station, Wright Valley F1020033 Barrie McKelvey signals aircraft – Skelton Neve F1020034 Barry Kohn on radio sched.


Ant1018 Evening Post Newspaper Article 14 Dec 1970 - fossil fish Ant 2003 Cartoon NZ herald Dec 15 1970 – fossil fish Ant 3004 Dominion 19 June 1970 – First NZ woman to Antarctica

ANT-6013 VUWAE-15 personnel on Skelton Neve: Left to right at back: Dave Reid, Rosie Askin, Peter Barrett, Rodney Grapes, Gavin Young (BMR) Left to right at front: Alex Ritchie (Australian Museum), John McPherson, Barry Kohn and Brian Porter (Leader of Scott Base)

Ant13024 Scott Base envelope with Ross Dependency stamps and signatures Ant 13024a Scott Base envelope with Ross Dependency stamps and signatures F1000001 Crashed Super Connie Pegasus – NZ personnel survey the damage F1000011 Crashed Super Connie Pegasus – NZ personnel survey the damage F1000012 Crashed Super Connie Pegasus – NZ personnel survey the damage and potential booty F1000014 Bothriolepis skull – Aztec Siltstone, Skelton Neve F1000028 Victoria Valley area F1000029 Victoria Valley area F1010011 ‘Flooded’ campsite, dry valleys F1010019 John McPherson and Barry Kohn, campsite dry valleys area F1010023 Alex Ritchie in ice cave – near Scott Base F1010026 Barry Kohn, Lake Vashka, dry valleys F1010028 Barry Kohn on radio sched F1020002 Alex Ritchie drilling out fish fossil jaw, Warren Range F1020005 Ice cave near Scott Base – left to right, back - Peter Barrett, John McPherson, Rodney Grapes, Gavin Young, Barry Kohn, front – Dave Reid, Alex Ritchie F1020013 Barry Kohn surveying sculptured granite, dry valleys F1020014 John McPherson and Barry Kohn – chess challenge F1020021 Alex Ritchie drilling out fish fossils which have been embedded in cloth and wax F1020027 Cast of recovered Crossopteryrigian fish fossil jaw from Warren Range


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