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Beaglehole, Helen - various material from John Cawte and Timothy Beaglehole

 Unprocessed Material — Multiple Containers
Identifier: 2019-013

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Item separated due to size: Certificate granting J.C. Beaglehole to the Dignity of aCompanion of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George. Signed by Queen Elizabeth II. Includes a letter from the Secretary of the Chancery of the Order of Saint Michael and Saint George Colonial Office dated 30 December, 1958. And a booklet 'Statutes of the Most Distinguished Order of Saint Michael and Saint George' Box 1: Unknown ceramic profile bust. Round, black frame. Roughly 10cm across -- Small ceramic profile bust of Captain Cook. Hakluyt Societ, Wedgewood -- Three photographs of George Butler. One of them has a photograph of a woman on the back. -- Letter to Tim Beaglehole from John Sage. Written on paper headed "The Library". Seems to be about the removal of a McCahon painting -- "Various letters all addressed to Tim (in London): From Janet. 1973; From Elsie (removed to be scanned); From Peter Munz 1973 (x4); From Prof. D.A. Hamer (x7); From JH Robb; From J.O.C Phillips 1973; Three from Danny Taylor VC 1973 about an ACU Congress; Burt Dozen (?) Includes a cutting from Salient about the ACU Congress; A letter from CUP about payment of Royalties to Tim; From David; Mrs Boyd, History Department; From V.O.C; From L.B. Brown, Dean of Faculty. Includes a quinquennial submission for the Faculty of Arts for 1975-1979 -- Framed portrait of Desiderius Erasmus Roterodamus -- Ceramic Roman/Greek style bust of a man. Roughly 15cm tall. Box 2: 'Educator, Exile, Enlightener Professor G W Von Zedlitz', by Michael Childs (1990) -- John Weeks booklet 'A Retrospective Exhibition of Paintings by John Weeks' - exhibition catalogue. (1955) -- Folder name ‘Miscellaneous JCB’: Programme for JC Beaglehole memorial. (1973); Various newspaper clippings about and by JCB. (1959-1971) -- 'The Death of Captain Cook' by JC Beaglehole. Reprinted from the ‘Australian Journal of Science’, Volume 26, Number 10, April 1964 -- 'The New Zealand Legacy of James Cook'. Typed manuscript for a lecture/talk. 12 pages (THB?) -- 'Farewell to John Roberts, 26 October 1999' typed eulogy (THB) -- Folder contacting a cartoon [by James Urry] drawn for Tim when he left in 1994 -- ‘ “Home”? J.C. Beaglehole in London’, 1926-1929 (THB) -- ‘J.C. Beaglehole and James Cook: editor and biographer’ (THB?) -- Notes and drafts re JCB’s article for DNB on Peter Fraser -- Letter from Geroge Barton referring to 'Kemp divorces in the period 1914-1919' dated 1953. -- Envelope addressed to Tim Beaglehole containing copies of correspondence from JCB to Phillip O’Shea, NZ Herald of Arms). The photocopies are: Letter dated 20 Feb 1970 relating to the draft of a lecture on Cook; - Card (April 1970) acknowledging PO’s note of congratulations on his appointment to the Order of Merit; Letter dated 16 July 1970 acknowledging receipt of a copy of PO’s ‘Captain James Cook, RN, FRS, and his numismatic associations’; Letter dated 12 July 1971 acknowledging receipt of silver Cook Medal issued by the Royal Numismatic Society of New Zealand; Copy of JCB's notes on portraits of Cook; copy of Berry's drawing of Cook medal and media report; short biographical note on John Rankine Brown' -- 'Captain James Cook After 225 Years Speech given at Gisborne 8 October 1994' by Tim Beaglehole -- Folder titled 'Cook/Banks lecture 16.11.98'. Enclosed 16 pages of handwritten notes for address at Diamond Harbour on Cook and Banks -- Pages 1-13 of a typed speech/presentation about NZ history overview -- 'J.C. Beaglehole Some Personal Recollections'. Supplement to the Gazette No. 11, 1971: Includes recollectionss from Tim Beaglehole, Harold Miller, James Bertram, Mary Boyd, W. J. Scott, Fred Page and Jim Campbell – ‘Summing up the Conference' by Tim Beaglehole, Chairperson New Zealand Historic Places Trust -- ‘Introduction [to ‘The Death of Captain Cook’]' by Tim Beaglehole -- Photocopy of 'Life of Community Interests' newspaper article from the Evening Post, 9 March 1995 -- Foreword by Tim Beaglehole for the Stewart Island Cruising Guide -- Great Historians: New Zealand' short biography of JC Beaglehole written by THB -- Typed manuscript for the above biography -- Professor G W von Zedlitz' typed biography -- Graduation Speech – 1994 -- Copy of ‘Voyages of Discovery, Captain Cook and the Exploration of the Pacific’ by Lynne Withey, Hutchison, reviewed by T.H. Beaglehole -- Photocopy of an agreement with Greenwood Press to contribute to a proposed book 'Great Historians : An International Dictionary' signed by T.H. Beaglehole (1989-1990) -- Contents page for 'Making Imperial Mentalities; Socialization and British Imperialism' and stapled to it a handwritten citation for 'A part of Pakeha Society: Europeanizing the Maori Child' chapter by J.M. Barrington and T.H. Beaglehole -- ‘Annie Rudman' – short biographical piece by THB -- Notes and photocopied material re Annie Rudman -- ‘Professor F.L. Wood' a short biography, two typed pages – ‘From Rulers to Servants' Article by Tim from Modern Asian Studies, 11, 2 (1977) pp. 237-255 -- Memorandum for the Vice Chancellor. Nomination for Sir Guy Powles for an honourary LL.D 1969) -- Memorandum for the Vice Chancellor. Nomination for Colin McCahon for an honorary D.Litt -- Draft and a final copy of biography of Jawaharlal Nehru written by T.H. Beaglehole for the Dictionary of National Biography; two newspaper cuttings of reviews of the Dictionary of National Biography; letter from the editors to T.H. Beaglehole about his submission -- 'Harrier Jubliee’: Typed speech about history of the harriers club in Wellington (1982) -- Danny's farewell at the Board, 17/6/82' a typed speech for the Vice Chancellor Danny Taylor -- A letter from Oxford University Press to Tim Beaglehole stating that they granted permission for his article on Nehru in the Dictionary of National Biography to be reprinted in another book -- Review of the book 'Businessmen and Politics: Rising Nationalism and a Modernising Economy in Bombay, 1918-1933' written by T.H. Beaglehole (typescript and offprint – Typescript of ‘The Indian Civil Service, 1945-47: the last phase’ by THB (two versions) – Typescript (THB) review of ‘Watershed in India 1914-122’, by Sir Algernon Rumbold (Athlone Press, 1979) – Typescript (THB) review of ‘The Government of India and reform policies towards politic and the constitution 1916-1921’ by P.G.Robb (Oxford, 1976) – Typescript (THB) – [probably of 'A part of Pakeha Society: Europeanizing the Maori Child'] Box 3: Newspaper clipping: 'Death of Mr Peter Fraser (EP, 12/12/1950) -- Obit: Peter Fraser ('N.Z.Listener', 22/12/1950) -- Article on Peter Fraser by JCB: 'The Foreign Ministers of the British Commonwealth' (World Affairs', 2(2), 15 June, 1946) -- Aerogramme E.T. (Bill) Williams to JCB, 15 September, 1952 -- 'The Phoenix: a quarterly magazine' , 2(1) March 1933 -- 'The Fascinating folly: Dr Hocken and his collections' by E.H.McCormick (U.Otago Press, 1961) -- 'The Fire and the Anvil' by James K.Baxter (NZ Univ.Press, 1955) -- 'Journal of the Polynesian Society', 49(3), September 1940 -- 'On the character of Captain James Cook' by JCB (reprinted from 'The Geographical Journal, 122(4), Dec.1956) -- 'The New Zealand scholar', by JCB (Margaret Condliffe Memorial Lecture, Canterury University College, 21 April, 1954) -- 'Nicholas Copernicus: quadricentennial addresses, 1543-1943', edited by JCB (Victoria University College, 1943) -- 'The wandering scholars', address by JCB, 28 October 1965 (publ.Dominion Museum, 1966) -- Newspaper clipping: 'Man of the year' [JCB] (Dominion, 31 December 1969) -- 'Morocco and Armageddon, by E.D.Morel ('Labour and War Pamphlets', No.11; London: Independent Labour Party, 1915) -- 'Soviet Communism: dictatorship or democracy?' by Sidney and Beatrice Webb. (London: Left Review, 1936) -- 'Recent trends in New Zealand Poetry' by James K.Baxter (talk at Canterbury University College, May 1951) -- Wine label - Maximin von Grunhauser Herrenberg (1964) -- Catalogue of 1929 exhibition of printing by Johannes Enschede en Zonen -- Prospectus for Gerard Shelley's English translation of Lermontov's 'The Demon' (London: The Richards Press, 1930) -- Pamphlet 'To celebrate the opening of an exhibition of books issued by the Oxford University Press and of Bumpus's Extension in the Old Court House of St Marylebone' (6 November, 1930) -- Advertising booklet for John & Edward Bumpus, 350 Oxford street, London 'An old house of books' -- Folder entitled 'Le dur desir de Durer' containing, programmes and printing examples -- 4 advertising flyers for the Scottish Widows' Fund -- A wood engraving by Paul Nash from a 'Golden Cockerel, book -- Typography examples: 'An alphabet of alphabets' and many more -- Two envelopes addressed to Miss A. Lysaght: one contains a story 'Hiring a car in Haiti' by John Golding Myers; the other (date-stamped 1938) contains 'To Mount Roraima by the border route' by John Golding Myers, and 'Voodoo and Catholicism in Haiti' by John Golding Myers, and a number of small black and white photographs related to the Roraima story.